Horned Melon Nutritious and Strange

Written by foodthusiast on Mar 2, 2010 in Blog Fruits and vegetables -
horned melon

horned melon

Horned melon is the first topic on Foodthusiasm’s goal to blog on strange food for NaBloPoMo’s monthly challenge. Can we find 31 strange foods to blog about? I have no doubt. It will be more of a cooking challenge if we can create a complementary menu including all food groups between 31 strange foods. We’ll wait for April 1st to tackle that challenge.

The horned melon is a site for sure and many will think twice before cracking open this melon. But if they do, they’ll find a combination of refreshing flavors all in one, from cucumber and kiwi to banana when fully ripened.

Why would you attempt to open this bumpy melon birthed from a vine rife with hairy leaves and steps? For it’s great source of iron. The horned melon is full of iron, three times as our traditional summer favorite, watermelon. Iron is the remedy of choice to fight fatigue, boost a weak immune system or treat many symptoms of anemia.

If you find one of these babies, you should know that they are harvested green but are ready for consumption after they reach a full-orange color when ripe. Enjoy the gelatinous yellow-green pulp along with its cucumber-like seeds with a sprinkle of sugar if you like. It is all good, so don’t let that bumpy exterior scare you off. Practice a little foodthusiasm!

Photo Credit: Kaldari, courtesy of Wikipedia

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