Speed TV Introduces The Racing Chef

Written by foodthusiast on Mar 8, 2010 in Blog Regional Travel TV Cooking Shows Videos -

March 1, 2010 entered a new error for the Speed Channel. They expanded their NASCAR programming to include a cooking show of sorts. The premiere of The Racing Chef introduced racing fans to NHRA’s Jeg Racing Team chef Nicky Morse. NHRA forums are a buzz that he has crossed over to the dark side and many Speed TV aficionados are thinking to themselves “another NASCAR show?”

I had an opportunity to check out the second show and liked what I saw. It is perhaps the only NASCAR show on my lineup, mostly for the food, but also for being only 30 minutes long with no cautions.

Chef Nicky Morse is personable and knows how to talk about food. It is worth a look-see, especially for travelers who may fancy a trip to a NASCAR race and want to know what recommended eateries are nearby.

Here’s a trailer for The Racing Chef.

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