Water, Life’s Key Ingredient

Written by foodthusiast on Mar 22, 2010 in Blog Diet Metabolism Soup Water Weight loss -

Water is the most important ingredient you will ever come across in your lifetime. It should come as no surprise that it is a metabolism booster. It is essential to many aspects of a healthy body. Water brings vitality to your brain health; organ health; bone, skin and hair health…well the list goes on, you see my point.

Besides weighing in as a significant part the human body, it also is part of many foods. Fruits and vegetables in particular contain a lot of H2O goodness.

Water whisks away toxins and bloat. It is the most natural appetite suppressant on the market. It is calorie free and able to singlehandedly reduce the calorie of a common weight loss food, SOUP.

Water should be your beverage of choice. Drink water and you’ll boost your metabolism and more!

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